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Dental Health Educator

Blue Wave Orthodontics believes in teaching the importance of good dental hygiene and preventive dentistry. We believe that by educating school age children and interested groups about orthodontic screenings, we show them why it's imperative to their health and future.
We and our partner Kids Smiles Pediatric Dentistry are excited to announce our involvement with MORE HEALTH! MORE HEALTH’s mission is to provide health and safety education to children, teens, & adults. We’ve committed to donating $10,000 every year to this fantastic organization that truly makes a difference in educating our community’s children about the importance of healthy habits. 
Sponsorships like ours helped MORE HEALTH make 297 visits to schools to teach students how to care for their teeth, and to partner in a nationwide group determining best practices for School Based Sealant programs in the 10 largest school districts. Since 1989 MORE HEALTH has reached over 3 million children, and we are extremely proud to be the sole sponsor for the Dental Health lessons provided to children throughout public schools in Hillsborough and Pinellas county.
We look forward to seeing how our contributions help MORE HEALTH expand their mission and services to even more children in our area and beyond!
Blue Waves Orthodontics and Kids Smiles Pediatric Dentistry partner to work tirelessly to provide the best service and orthodontic and dental care to all ages throughout the Tampa Bay Area. With an unprecedented level of combined experience, this group of healthcare professionals gives back to the community in more ways than one.