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Early Orthodontic Treatment & Braces for Kids

Children should receive their first orthodontic exam by age 7, according to the American Association of Orthodontics. Around this age, the baby teeth are shedding and the adult teeth are starting to erupt. This is the ideal time for our highly-experienced orthodontists to complete an early screening at one of our four locations in South Tampa, North Tampa, Wesley Chapel and East Bradenton!

Our orthodontists are trained to assess the position of the teeth and bite to detect orthodontic conditions before they pose a problem.

At Blue Wave Orthodontics, we won’t suggest early orthodontic treatment unless it’s necessary. We will only suggest treatment if we identify a condition that requires early intervention, or we determine that treatment will improve your child’s quality of life.

What is the best age for early orthodontic treatment?

It’s ideal to begin early orthodontic treatment (if necessary) around age 8 or 9. That’s why we advise you to bring your child in for their first orthodontic screening around this age.

Beginning orthodontic treatment while the permanent teeth are emerging is optimal, because the teeth can be guided into alignment with minimal resistance.

Your child deserves a confident smile that strengthens their self-esteem and enables a healthy bite function! If our orthodontists determine early orthodontic treatment is necessary during your child’s exam, we may suggest two-phase orthodontic treatment to align the teeth and guide development of the jaw bones.

Not every child will require orthodontic treatment at age 7. Your child’s treatment plan will be personalized to his or her unique needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.


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Your Complimentary Consultation

If you haven’t scheduled your complimentary consultation yet, get started today. You have nothing to lose, only confidence to gain!

What happens during an early orthodontic screening?

An early orthodontic screening enables us to monitor the growth and development of the teeth, jaw bones, and facial structure. The sooner we’re able to detect skeletal growth deformities, asymmetries, or a problematic dental structure, the sooner we’re able to intervene with orthodontic treatment to stop these conditions from developing further.

Our goal with early orthodontic treatment is to guide emerging teeth and support proper jaw bone growth to create a harmonious facial appearance and a beautiful smile that will lead to a lifetime of confidence!

Signs that Your Child Could Benefit From Early Orthodontic Treatment

What is two-phase orthodontic treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment often occurs in two separate phases to focus on creating a healthy foundation for teeth to grow and aligning the teeth with symmetrical facial development.

The purpose of the First Phase of treatment is to prepare the mouth for permanent teeth to emerge. Palatal expanders are common orthodontic appliances used during this phase to widen the upper jaw and create the necessary room for permanent teeth to grow. Partial braces are common during this phase to guide the newly-erupting permanent teeth, and space maintainers are effective for treating premature loss of baby teeth.

During the Second Phase of treatment, all of the permanent teeth are straightened and the bite is corrected. Invisalign® Teen clear aligners or a form of braces for kids is common in this phase.

Two-phase orthodontic treatment is highly-effective, because it works alongside the natural growth of the teeth, jaws and facial bones to create beautiful little smiles!


The Importance of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Through early orthodontic treatment, we can minimize the length or complexity of future orthodontic treatment. Early detection of these conditions allows us to intervene before they progress to the point of requiring surgery or an intensive appliance. When problematic conditions are left untreated in children, they may develop into bigger problems that could result in more complicated orthodontics and require many years of braces.
Early orthodontic treatment can benefit your child for the rest of his or her life!

Want to know more about early orthodontic treatment?

If your child is around the age of 7 and hasn’t received his or her complimentary orthodontic assessment, we encourage you to request one today!

If you don’t know whether your child is in need of treatment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our North Tampa and Wesley Chapel orthodontist Dr. Guloy, and our South Tampa and East Bradenton orthodontist Dr. Cetta,  are here for you and your family! We only want what’s best for you and your child’s smile.

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