We’re Grateful to Give Back

This past week, our team spent the morning volunteering for a local Food Pantry event, hosted twice a week at Village Presbyterian Church in Carrollwood.

We provided food to over 120 families in just one day! They received everything—from meats, breads, and veggies, to cleaning supplies and other necessities.

Most of the items donated come from local grocery stores and would otherwise be thrown away due to expiration dates. We’re proud to be a part of this sustainable initiative, organized through ‘Feeding Tampa Bay’ and ‘Publix Supermarket Charities’.

This organization aims to distribute nutritious foods to those who need it most. (Every family, child and senior is welcome to receive food from this event—no ID or verification required. Everyone is welcome!)

Giving back to our community is a major part of our mission to look good, do good and feel good. We were all smiles during this event, doing good for our neighbors, and feeling good in return!

Our team has participated in a number of these volunteer events, and each of us feels humbled and grateful to help local families. It was an incredibly rewarding day.
Feeding Tampa Bay partners with more than 400 local charities and food pantries to distribute groceries and supplies across 10 counties in West Central Florida.

Find the next food distribution event in your area with this interactive calendar. We may see you there!

See our team in action:

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