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The Trouble With Cereal

Dr. Randy Feldman recently noticed an article that really caught his attention. ” These Cereals Destroy Your Hormones, Zap Your Energy & Cause Weight Gain.” The content by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist is just as shocking as the title. As part of a team that cares about health and the well being of our patients, we had to share this with you today.
The article starts with the obvious. Sugary cereals are bad. But it quickly goes on to explain that most cereals on the shelf marked as heart healthy, rich in fiber, a good source of vitamins and minerals, are basically hiding some dangers of these products. The author goes on to talk about the dangers of cereal from the cellular level to the joints and organs. So let’s take a look at his central points.
  • Most cereals (even “whole grain” or “high fiber”) cause extreme harm to your hormones and create runaway blood sugar in your body
  • Diabetes and belly fat every morning?
  • Gut Inflammation and even gut damage?
  • Cereal causes CRAVINGS for more carbs later in the day, leading to excess calories
  • Cereal makes your body a carb-burner instead of a fat-burner
  • For each point above, he presents the facts and makes a convincing and alarming argument. Seems like a waste of time to eat food labeled as healthy that only makes you crave more carbs, causes spikes in blood sugar, burns carbs vs fat, and inflames your gut.
The Alternatives
Women sitting on her bed and having breakfast.

Geary speaks about the benefits of eggs, avocado, nuts, organic berries, and plain Greek full-fat organic yogurt. Those are all tasty breakfast components in our eyes too.

The article is easy to find, as it has been shared on many health and fitness sites. Here’s a link for your further investigation. Do you think he’s on the money with this?
The team at Blue Wave Orthodontics wishes you good luck with your ongoing new year’s goals and any health and fitness plans you are working on for yourself.

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