Back-To-School and Sports Mouthguards

For Back-To-School, Dr. Feldman is offering a FREE orthodontic consultation AND a free custom sports mouthguard for our student athletes.

The benefits of a custom sports mouthguard are more comfort and the proper fit. the student-athlete will be more apt to wearing their guard. As you would guess, guard that is comfortable and worn prevents more than an unworn guard.

The added benefit of a custom sports mouthguard is better athletic performance, as critical to athletic results.
•    Increases strength
•    Increases endurance
•    Speeds up reaction time
•    Reduces athletic stress

Dr. Feldman is a Fellow of the American Academy of Sports Dentistry and has fabricated custom mouth guards for the TB Buccaneers, TB Lightning, TB Rays and has been the Team Orthodontist for the University of South Florida Athletic program for over 25 years- at one time fabricating custom mouth guards for every active USF athlete that wanted one! That is a lot of Green & Gold! Go Bulls!

Be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Feldman for back-to-school, and best of luck this year.

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Back-To-School and Sports Mouthguards
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