Orthodontist vs. General Dentist

“I want straight teeth! Can my Dentist do braces?” Although there are some general dentists that offer orthodontic treatment like braces and Invisalign, an orthodontist would be the best choice to do braces or Invisalign. Both a General Dentist and Orthodontist have to graduate from dental school. In dental school, they both learn things like cleaning teeth, extracting teeth, removing cavities and placing fillings. Once a dentist graduates from dental school they go on to practice general dentistry.

An Orthodontist continues with their education and completes at least two more years of both clinical and academic study in Orthodontics and growth & development of children and young adults. During this time an orthodontist treats patients under the supervision of other orthodontists. They have the opportunity to see treatment cases from start to finish and are exposed to a variety of dental and Orthodontic problems. Orthodontists limit their practice to exclusively Orthodontics. Thus, they have an opportunity to treat many more cases and see more complex cases as well.Orthodontics is generally not taught extensively in dental school. Thus, in order for a general dentist to learn orthodontics they take courses offered generally over the weekend. These courses may be limited to one weekend or a series of weekends and it is up to the dentist to determine how many classes they would like to take before offering services to the public. To begin offering Invisalign to patients all the general dentist needs to do is take a half day course. Some general dentists may just take one course and then start to offer orthodontic services without much experience. The majority of their classes do not involve actual patient treatment! Becoming an Orthodontist requires more than just a few weekend educational courses. Most either obtain a Masters degree or require a thesis like project.

If considering treatment by a general dentist, it is important to ask them how long they have been treating orthodontic patients and the extent of training taken prior to offering their services. And finally, in addition to an Orthodontist’s experience, their Orthodontic staff is well equipped and accustomed to seeing Orthodontic patients daily and are extremely well trained to assist in obtain most excellent Orthodontic results.

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