Here at Blue Wave Orthodontics our team loves being in the business of creating beautiful, healthy, and happy smiles in the Tampa Bay area. We’ve had the honor of treating thousands of amazing patients, and there’s no better feeling than seeing their new smiles. We thank all of our patients for their kind word, we truly have the best patients in the world.

The whole experience made getting braces not so daunting.

The staff smiled at us the whole time, happy and courteous. Every question was answered thoroughly. The doctor was friendly and fun. The whole experience made getting braces not so daunting.

Evan R.

It's rare to find an office full of such great people.

Every single person I came into contact with throughout the entire course of my treatment was extremely professional, helpful & welcoming. It's rare to find an office full of such great people.

Sara C.

Everyone was incredibly friendly & helpful.

Everyone was incredibly friendly & helpful. I made the appt. the day before & was planning on just going in for information but I felt so comfortable with the office staff & Dr. McDowell that I went ahead with treatment the same day! Very excited for the results!

Amy N.

A pleasant and successful experience.

I was very reluctant to start my son on braces due to his age at the time. Although it was much needed because of his narrow jaw structure. With the staff support that we received from McDowell this has been a very pleasant and successful process. Only one minor repair in nearly a year. Thank you all!!

Deven B.

Three daughters had braces and never had a problem.

Dr. McDowell and staff are awesome three daughters had braces and never had a problem. The Walker Family loves McDowell Orthodontics.

Larissa W.

Helpful, informative, friendly and upbeat.

Great experience from the beginning of my appointment to the end. Janet was very helpful and informative. Dr. McDowell was friendly and upbeat.

Susan P.

Dental Staff is friendly and helpful.

Emma was very happy with the care she received in getting braces. We only had 1 problem with a bracket breaking within the first 24 hrs. This was not due to anything she ate, only had soft foods first several days. She had to go back in to remove broken bracket and will have to go back in again to replace. Dental Staff is friendly and helpful. Office environment is comfortable.

Emma N.

Now I love my smile!

Just wanted to say thank you. I was on the fence about getting braces for the 2nd time (as an adult, in 2015) but I’m glad I did it and had a great experience with your office. Now I just graduated with my masters and felt great about my smile!

Amanda D.

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  • Great service, very kind staff.

  • I am SO grateful for Dr. Feldman & Blue Wave Orthodontics! I was told by 2 separate orthodontists that I would never be able to have Invisalign, but for him, it was no question. I began my treatment about a month after my consultation and was in Invisalign for about a year. I always felt entirely informed and comfortable throughout treatment. They have gone above and beyond to help me have the smile I always dreamt of! I always get compliments on my teeth now and I refer everyone I meet here!

  • I loveeeeee Miss Leslie the best person ever, she is amazing and so smart, she always always can make a person smile and feel happy no matter what happened previously throughput the day. I always love to go to the office that she is working in that day. She is very intelligent and knows her job very well, she gets the job done perfectly. She is so sweet and nice, I love and adore her.

  • It has been great so far! I’m only just starting my braces but the time effort and accommodations of the staff and team is great. I can’t wait to see the end result!

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