College Scholarship Winner

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any illumination glow with greater brilliance. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any fire burn with more fierce a passion. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any other intense and red- hot star bequeath with such tenderness the gift of life. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen in anything else the power and depth of a smile. It is more dazzling, more breathtaking, more revolutionary, more vigorous, more absolutely bewildering or more mysteriously temporary than anything I have found in the reign of the sky or the sea, the endless universe or the boundless soul.

In essence, a smile is an impossible miracle.

It starts with the stimulus. It continues with a signal, traveling from brain to body, evoking the smallest of motions, the simplest of gesture, the upturning  of the corners of the mouth, burying them into the cushion of cheeks, parting lips like curtains. Oh, what a simple motion, almost a twitch, almost nothing.

But what light! It comes shooting out, joy in the form of radiance, streaming across the face like lines of paint, sunlit brush strokes flowing outward from the centrifuge, filling the canvas of human expression and spirit with impenetrable delight and exuberance that remains even after the smile has dissipated, sinking into the skin, wetting the eyes, gentling the disposition.

A smile is a treasure, an escape from despair or apathy, instantly breaking the chains of sour temperament, immediately moving the wearer to a higher form of mood and perception. Oh how a smile sets free the limitless senses, lets them run free, unabashed. The taste of life is so much sweeter when the mouth is turned up into a smile. How warm the sun in the day, how soothing the moon in the night, when joyous eyes, brightened by a smile, look upon their grand shades.

A smile is the key to the interpersonal and intrapersonal gates of the soul. A smile unlocks the potential in each of us to reach higher and with a more confident and gentle hand. There is no emergency in a smile, only contentment. There is no greed, no deception, no hate, no disillusionment in a smile, a real smile, for smiles can be imitated but never faked. There is only serenity, moving swiftly across the being, gusting like wind, filling the lungs, caressing heart strings, making honeyed music of the soul, building, dancing inside our vocal chords, gaining strength and timbre, flooding ever more until it pours over, out of our moths, silent and thunderous all at once, emerging from us as the most underrated of gestures, emerging as a smile.

I write this as expression of opinion; I feel it as indisputable fact. This is the weight of a smile in my world, or rather the weightlessness it gives my world, the upturned corners forming sturdy, impressive wings that carry me through troubled skies and give me freedom to soar.

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