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Wax: Solution for Braces with Poking Wire

Randy M. Feldman D.D.S, M.S., Chief Smile Officer of Feldman explains
how to temporarily fix a poking wire from your braces in this video and
blog.It’s not uncommon with braces, you’ll have a broken wire, a
loose wire, or a wire that pokes out the end. These can poke and
irritate your cheek. The best way to remedy that until you can
get in to the office and have it clipped is go ahead and use a little
ball of wax. You ball up a small ball of wax, just like in this video,
and put it right over the offending area. Push it down, and then once
it’s down, go ahead and lick your finger and pat it on. That will give
you a lot of comfort until you are able to get to the office and we can
clip the wire there.Randy M. Feldman D.D.S, M.S., Chief Smile
Officer of Feldman Orthodontics will do everything possible to help
ensure you are HAPPY and your Smile reflects that happiness.Feldman
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