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To Floss Or Not To Floss

Earlier this month flossing became a controversial topic. I’m sure you caught this in the news, probably several times. CBS, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and your local news were/are all sharing a recent discovery by an Associated Press (AP) journalist.
Image of dental floss.

Basically The AP officially asked the departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture for evidence that flossing works to prevent gum disease and cavities. The result was for the guidelines on flossing to quietly disappear from the latest government issued dietary guidelines.

So why the change? Well the government reviewed available studies and found them to be “inconsistent/weak” and “very unreliable.” Since then, the American Dental Association and many prominent dental professionals have come forward in support of flossing for oral health.
Care to guess what Dr. Randy Feldman, Chief Smile Officer of Blue Wave Orthodontics has to say about flossing? “From my years of dental and orthodontic experience, I have seen the benefits of flossing to prevent decay between teeth. You should floss daily.”
Floss removes the food that brushing cannot reach. It also removes the film of bacteria that forms before turning into plaque. Plaque causes inflamed gums, cavities, and eventually – tooth loss.
Many individuals don’t know how to floss correctly or simply don’t have the dexterity, thus there exists many very viable alternatives to assist in the mechanical removal of plaque and calculus between the teeth that don’t require Gold medal gymnastic flexibilty.
Just check Just check on-line or at any drugs store or stores like Target, Walmart of Publix in their dental section- often called periodontal aids-these toothpick like devices are usually VERY inexpensive and offer a multitude of colors, textures. angles and shapes to achieve the same goal of correct juxtaposition to remove left over food debris which regular brushing leaves behind!
We imagine that many studies will soon be conducted that will eventually prove what we think you already know. Flossing is a good thing, and it’s important for maintaining smiles.

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