Smile Transformation in Time-Lapse

A time lapse GIF showing braces straightening a mouth of very crooked teeth was recently posted on the site Redditt. So far it’s captivated more than two million viewers in under a week.

The GIF is from a video produced by the American Association of Orthodontists. The video is not dated, but based on the hairstyle it is probably a few decades old. At the start of the video version from YouTube, a few title frames explain that the patient was 11 years old at the time her braces were put on, and that her treatment lasted a total of 18 months.

Dr. Randy Feldman commented, “Even as orthodontists, we’re captivated by watching the subtle shifts in alignment. You definitely find yourself rooting for those braces to do a great job, and they do! We notice the subtle changes at each patient visit, but to see the movement in this video is quite entertaining.”

Traditional braces realign teeth by applying pressure over time. They include small brackets cemented to your teeth, connected by a wire, which is periodically tightened by your orthodontist to gradually shift your teeth and jaw. The brackets may be metal or tooth colored. As our patients also know, removable aligners (Invisalign) are another option for treating orthodontic problems.

Dr. Ernest McDowell adds, “our digital impressions and 3D technology in the case of Invisalign also show the transformation plan. Knowing the results is very comforting to our patients, but videos such as the one trending this month also show our traditional patients that a perfect smile is created one step at a time.”

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