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Sklyer, Artistic young man and remarkable patient

Image of Skyler, another remarkable patient.

Sklyer, age 10, is a talented and remarkable patient of Blue Wave Orthodontics. He is in the fifth grade and is homeschooled and active in his homeschool coop.He sent us this wonderful collection of drawings. One is a self-portrait, but most show his love of animals and nature. His mom tells us that he has been drawing with passion since age 3. It certainly shows … Remarkable.Skyler is also an athlete and sports fan. He loves to play basketball, flag football, and is a student of Karate. Skyler also appreciates his friends and loves to spend time with them.The remarkable Skyler has been a patient for about a year. We look forward to seeing him. Although we are helping him with his perfect smile, he creates smiles in us.Thanks for sharing your story and artwork with us Skyler. Keep up the great work. We can’t wait to see your next creative piece. You may have found your calling or one of them. We know that you have many talents and much reason to smile!

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