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School Lunches That Are Easy on the Braces

If your child wears braces, our guess is that you are still struggling with planning school lunches that are safe for their treatment process and enjoyable. If you have a good lunch strategy, maybe a little variation would make you a cooking hero again to your child. We provide complete instructions and a comprehensive list of foods to avoid, once treatment begins in our office. Basically, we suggest that those wearing braces avoid ice, hard candy, popcorn, and all sticky foods. Anything that can stick in the braces or break the brackets should be avoided. But what are some braces-friendly lunches? We always offer suggestions on what to eat, when wearing braces, but a video is worth a few thousand words. Dr. Jackie Millier, an Orthodontist representing the American Association of Orthodontists in a short video segment from News Channel 5, KSDK in Saint Louis, MO does a great job in sharing information on safe lunches for braces-friendly eating. I encourage you to watch and take some notes based on your child’s taste and what works for you.The Braces Cookbook, by Pamela Waterman, or similar books may also be a great asset to you in the kitchen for even the non-braces-wearers in your family. Just because someone is wearing braces, doesn’t mean they have to stop enjoying food.Dr. Randy Feldman, Chief Smile Officer of Feldman Orthodontics adds, “Learning requires higher nitrogen, thus protein for better brain function and memory, so we encourage (for example) a turkey roll-up with cheese versus PB&J as it is not only brace-friendly, it is also very healthy, low in sugar and high in protein! Just keep protein in the back of your mind when making little Suzie’s (or Johnny’s) lunch. Also there is less of the post-lunch sleepiness with protein than a lunch high in sugar and also less ‘sugar high’ as well!”We hope this blog helps your creativity with school lunches, snacks, and other meals. Feel free to contact us with any questions about braces-friendly foods, including on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. We’re always happy to help.Feldman Orthodontics 1773 W Fletcher Ave. Tampa 33612 Florida Tel: (813) 968-2483 or 3739 W Neptune St. Tampa 33629 Florida Tel: (813) 254-8005.To learn more about Randy M. Feldman, DDS, MS and Feldman Orthodontics and the orthodontic treatment available for children, teens, and adults using braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen, please visit: http://YourBite.com or call (813) 968-2483.

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