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Remarkable Patient – Heath Brickman


Heath is an energetic and passionate third grader at Ballast Point Elementary in Tampa. He loves reading, video games, playing flag football, and wrestling with his brother Seth.

When the assignment for his memoir was given by his teacher, the subject was something challenging that the students had to “overcome.” The third graders wrote a list…and pondered it. Heath chose to write about the challenge of “getting braces on.” He wanted to show everyone that braces were scary at first, but in the end, not so scary or painful.

In his essay, he mentioned that he felt comfortable with the friendly atmosphere of the office, the staff, and Dr. Feldman’s sense of humor. He also loved the hot chocolate in the office, as well. As soon as his memoir was published, he insisted on presenting the book to Dr. Feldman.

Dr. Feldman adds, “Heath is a delightful young man, and we enjoy seeing him in the office. Thank you Heath for being remarkable in all that you do, and for choosing to write about your braces experience. Thanks mom, Minna, for the background on Heath and his assignment for this story. Glad we were part of a happy essay. Keep smiling Heath!”

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