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The St. Lawrence “Gathering Together” Gala

Supporting our community is incredibly important to us! We’re always looking for ways to give back. We have donated $2,000 to support the “Gathering Together” gala, organized by St. Lawrence Catholic School.
“Gathering Together” is St. Lawrence’s largest fundraising event. This year, the school is raising money to pay for the new installation of a communication system that enables fast, reliable communication to ensure safety under everyday conditions and emergency situations for the entire campus
We’re honored to help make a difference in children’s lives and the future of the school.
Learn more about the St. Lawrence “Gathering Together” Gala.
We have also donated $500 to Brooke’s 3rd Annual Butterfly Bash, benefiting the Lupus Foundation of America. We want to help bring awareness to Lupus, an often fatal autoimmune disease.
Brooke Brown was diagnosed with Lupus, which inspired her to become a nurse and help other children living with this disease. We are honoring Brooke for her strength and her determination to make an impact on other children’s lives.
Lupus is globally misunderstood, due to a lack of research funding. We are making a contribution to support further research in identifying causes and cures of Lupus, in honor of Brooke Brown.
Blue Wave Orthodontics is dedicated to doing good to make people feel good in our community.


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