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Presenting the Remarkable Lisa Ann Hensley

Cowboy girl posing for a picture with her horse.

We are so happy to share this truly remarkable patient and her wonderful news! Lisa Ann Hensley, 5th Grader, and accomplished horseman shared some photos and her latest accomplishment at the Citrus Cup, riding her Morgan horse Aerie Meadow Yuriel (Yuri).

But first, an amazing love for Yuri and a happy ending. Yuri was rescued from a slaughter auction in PA. He was fostered and rehabilitated at Whispering Oaks Equestrian Center. Lisa and her family adopted Yuri just last year when he came available for adoption. According to Lisa’s mom, Mrs. Lisa L. Hensley, “We recognized Lisa and Yuri had a special love for each-other. Citrus cup was only the 3rd time Lisa had competed with Yuri and The Citrus Cup is a huge 5 day Regional completion for the Southeast.”
So, how did Lisa Ann and Yuri do? They did remarkably …


5th-Grader Lisa Ann Hensley Wins Youth of the Year and Walk-Trot Pleasure Open Grand Championship at Citrus Cup Regional Horse Show

Lisa Ann’s mom sent us all the details.
“Winning Youth of the Year is no easy task. This competition has 4 sections. Each section is awarded individually and an overall winner.
  1. Written testing on the Morgan horse history, standard and horse anatomy- First Place.
  2. Oral presentation on an assigned topic (3-5 minutes) -First Place
  3. Judging- First Place
  4. Ride your horse in a memorized pattern around the ring-Third Place.
Overall- First Place! She just couldn’t believe it! She cried happy tears for quite a while.”
Dr. Randy Feldman, Chief Smile Officer, had a special message for Lisa Ann. ‘We are quite proud of her and are honored to share all her amazing accomplishments…especially for someone as young! Wishing much continued success!”
[Photos courtesy of Lauren Tyner at National Horseman]

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