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Our New Website is Making Waves

Not only are we making waves as the top orthodontic provider in seven Tampa Bay locations, but we think our new website is the crest of a monster wave! Thank you for checking out this latest blog, on that very website. Dr. Randy Feldman, Dr. Ernest McDowell, and Dr. Chelsea Brockway all had a hand in the amazing content and features of the site, and they each highlight just some of their favorite features in this post.
Dr. Feldman absolutely loves the new site, but when asked to pick a favorite section he had this to say, “Our Team is the part of the website that I’m most proud of; because I’m also proud of our team! Dr. McDowell and I bring our 65 years of combined leadership to this group, but have also brought our amazing staff together. Each role is critical and we have the right people in place, to bring the best service to our clients! Love the Blue Wave polos and all of their smiling faces. I encourage you to meet our wonderful and talented staff.”
McDowell & Feldman, posing together.

Dr. McDowell feels that our Invisalign section is worthy of our top 1% provider status, and offers these thoughts. “Our website has all the right information on both Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, and is a great resource for current and potential patients 24/7. We have details on costs, benefits, expectations, our expertise, and so much more. It’s great that our patients can read about our 3D digital impressions, the Invisalign process, and can even book their free consultation.”

Dr. Brockway is a fan of our orthodontic blog. She says, “I’m impressed with the blogs that moved from Dr. Feldman’s website to Blue Wave, and the ones we have added since. I hope that our patients find these posts as informative and timely as I do. What a great forum to highlight our remarkable patients, local and national charitable causes, dental health topics, updates in our practice, and so much more. We are all contributing to the blog, have some great ones in the works, and hope you keep reading.”
Dr. Feldman adds, “We worked to create our Blue Wave Orthodontics web presence with Malcolm Bowen and his team at eNox Media. They continue to amaze me and have been a huge part of the marketing and branding of Feldman Orthodontics going back fifteen years. I’m thrilled to be working with the growing eNox and Blue Wave teams as we continue to add even more features to the site.”

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