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Experience the Next Generation of Personalized Orthodontics!

Experience the next generation of orthodontic treatment with Blue Wave Orthodontics! We bring you the most advanced technologies and the deepest level of personalization achievable in orthodontics. 

Here’s what that means for you:

Latest in Orthodontic Technology

You have modern treatment options! Orthodontics is more than old school braces with us. We like to stay on the cutting-edge to bring you high-tech treatment options that help us create incredible results, while suiting your preferences and accommodating your lifestyle along the way. 

From your first visit to your last visit, you’ll get to experience some of the latest orthodontic technologies and choose between the latest advancements in treatment options. Choose from 3D-printed custom braces and modern Invisalign® clear aligners!

3D Printed Braces

We provide LightForce and Stride 3D-printed, truly custom brackets. These braces feature unique brackets that are designed specifically for each individual tooth, as well as indirect bonding that helps maximize the accuracy of bracket placement.

What that means for you:

It means that orthodontic treatment will be as comfortable as possible! Custom brackets provide the necessary strength to minimize contact with soft tissues in your gums and mouth. 

Using digital braces technology also helps us ensure that you’ll see a perfect new smile at the end of treatment. 

Our orthodontists will be able to monitor your progress in real-time and make adjustments as needed, which also reduces treatment time for you!  

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign clear aligners are another modern treatment option that can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, without interfering with your lifestyle. Clear aligners are virtually-invisible, removable and custom-designed to fit your unique smile.

What that means for you:

That means you won’t have to change your diet while undergoing treatment; all food is still on the table! You can remove your aligners to eat, so you won’t be risking any damage to your treatment when you eat your favorite food (and sweets). 

Nobody has to know that you’re transforming your smile either. Your Invisalign clear aligners won’t be detectable when you smile, so you can still go about your professional and social life with confidence.

Top 1% Diamond Invisalign Providers

At Blue Wave Orthodontics, we’re proud to be the most experienced Invisalign practice in Tampa Bay! Our orthodontists have achieved Top 1% Diamond Invisalign Provider status, the highest Invisalign status achievable. 

Only the top providers, of over 50,000 Invisalign certified dentists and orthodontists in North America, have achieved this exclusive status!

Quicker Treatment Times

Through our advanced, digitized treatment options and our orthodontists’ level of skill and experience, we’re able to create incredible results in the shortest amount of time. You’ll be showing off an incredible smile before you know it. You’ll also see changes in your smile pretty quickly! Some patients see progress in only a few weeks. 

We even offer Same Day Braces so you can get started right away on your very first visit. You can leave your first visit with braces on your teeth, or your scans complete (for custom braces and custom Invisalign). 

Exceptional Results

With any treatment route you choose, you can expect exceptional results. Blue Wave Orthodontics brings you over 40 years of experience creating clinically-excellent smiles for families in our communities. 

Over the past 4 decades, we continue to innovate, adopt new technologies, and evolve alongside the orthodontic industry. 

In fact, we play an important role in advancing the orthodontic industry. Our very own orthodontist, Dr. Chris Cetta, has invented the Precision Aligner Button, a companion product for Invisalign. He also hosts The Illuminate Orthodontic Podcast to focus on innovators and inventors in orthodontics! 

We’re proud to be dedicated trail blazers at Blue Wave Orthodontics. 

Experience a new wave of innovation with Blue Wave!

Orthodontic treatment is truly an experience with us! Our goal is for you to experience the utmost personalization in every aspect of your treatment. 

If you’re ready to experience an incredible smile through a modern treatment process, we would love to meet you. On your first visit, we’ll explain the treatment process, introduce you to our modern treatments and technologies, complete a free exam of your smile, and help you get started!

Take the first step today by requesting your complimentary consultation with us at one of our orthodontist offices in North Tampa, South Tampa, Wesley Chapel, or East Bradenton

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