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Meet the Remarkable Miss Tampa, Olivia Butler

On February 4, Olivia Butler was crowned Miss Tampa, and now she has her sights on the title of Miss Florida (June 27 to July 1 of this year). Olivia also has the distinction of being one of our remarkable Blue Wave Orthodontics patients!
Olivia graduated from Wake Forest University in 2015 and earned a degree in Health Communication. She is a vocalist and had a wonderful performance during the Miss Tampa pageant, which counted as 30% of her score. As the Miss Tampa winner, she earned $5,000 in scholarships! She plans to apply that funding to medical school in the coming years.
Olivia Butler, one of our patients, crowned Miss Tampa.

We learned that the Miss Tampa competition is the oldest preliminary competition still existing in the state of Florida, having crowned its first winner in 1946. This is all a part of the Miss America system which each year awards $45 million in cash and scholarship assistance at events across the country.

During a visit to Blue Wave Orthodontics, Olivia shared her thoughts about having a nice smile and sharing it with others. “When you have a warm and jovial expression on your face, it’s kind of an opening to say ‘I want to go talk to that girl.’” And that conversation can lead to an opportunity to maybe make an impact on that person or an opportunity for me to better represent my city.”
Another great piece of advice that Olivia had when asked about social media and teens. “You can’t equate your self-worth with the number of likes on a picture. We have now tied too much of our self-esteem to hearts on a picture.” We think that is very important too. Wise beyond her years.
Wishing her much success in the Miss Florida pageant and beyond. A truly remarkable young woman, who is doing a great deal of charity work as a part of Miss Tampa and in general. We’re extremely proud to see a patient that we first met as a child, as a lovely, smart, and articulate representative of Tampa!

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