Randy M. Feldman D.D.S, M.S., Chief Smile Officer of Feldman Orthodontics explains Invisalign orthodontic treatment in this video and blog.
Our orthodontic practice has been designated as one of the top 1 percent providers of Invisalign in North America. It’s really quite an honor but what it simply means is we have done more Invisalign than 99% of all the other providers in North America.
That means we have the technology, we have the knowledge, we have the skills, and we have the experience to get you a fantastic smile with Invisalign.

Invisalign is a state of moment, progressive, clear, sleeve aligner system that can align your teeth without braces. You simply have to wear them 24/7 except when you eat and brush your teeth and you will get a fantastic result. Also because we have the experience, because we have treated almost 2000 patients we have an Itero scanner.

What that means? We can optically scan your teeth. Because of the high quality of the HD definition of the optical scanner your Invisalign aligners will fit 35 % better than all other folks who take impressions. So, if you’re going to get Invisalign, you’re going to get it done right. I highly recommend you see an orthodontist that has an Itero scanner to optically scan your teeth, versus impressions. By optically scanning your teeth, you get a much better fitting aligner. It’s better because if you take impressions, impressions, they are often distorted. They have to be sent in the mail. If you get an optically-scanned Invisalign aligner, it’s sent electronically, so there’s no chance of distortion and it goes instantly. So, you will get your aligners back faster, they will fit much better, and you will not look funny, talk funny, or spit on your friends.
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To learn more about Randy M. Feldman, DDS, MS and Feldman Orthodontics and the orthodontic treatment available for children, teens, and adults using braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen, please visit: or call (813) 968-2483.

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