Invisalign Tips

Caring for your Invisalign is part of the appeal – it’s so easy!  Here are some basic tips to maintain your trays until it’s time to switch to the next set:

* Clean Invisalign trays by brushing gently with toothpaste and rinsing in lukewarm water. Denture cleaning tablets work well every few days to keep the trays nice and bright and free of any calcium buildup or stains.

* Brush and floss your teeth as your normally would after meals before putting your Invisalign trays back in.

* When you’re finished with one set of trays, clean them and store them in the numbered bag. That way if you lose or break a tray, you will be able to wear the previous trays if needed.

* Always switch to a new tray at nighttime. That gives your teeth time to get used to the new position without having to remove the trays for several hours. It also helps cut down on any soreness! 

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