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The Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Three dogs looking at the camera in a nature setting.

Dr. Randy Feldman, Chief Smile Officer of Feldman Orthodontics has a place in his heart for animal homelessness and well-being and is a big fan and ongoing supporter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. We wanted to take the time to talk about what they do for local pets and to encourage you to adopt, volunteer, and/or give as well.

We recently received a nice letter of thanks for our donation to attend Island Paws Party. The letter shared a story that we’ll share with you.
The Humane Society Tampa Bay is dedicated to ending animal homelessness and providing care and comfort for companion animals in need. They are a limited admission shelter which only accepts animals that they feel they can find homes for.
They are a “No Kill for Space” shelter. This means that the shelter will not euthanize an animal to make space for another animal. They do euthanize animals that are too sick to be treated or too aggressive or behaviorally unsound to be suitable for adoption.
Dr. Feldman chose them as one of five local charities, in 2015, when he was honored as the 152nd Lightning Community Hero, and was able to make a $10,000 donation on behalf of the Tampa Bay Lightning Foundation. A great opportunity for Tampa Bay’s pets.
Another $5,000 was donated by Feldman Orthodontics for this year’s Tuxes and Tails, coming up in the fall.
Do take some time to learn about the Humane Society of Tampa Bay by visiting their website and social media profiles: Facebook and Twitter. You can support them by sharing their posts and building awareness for the cause. You can view adoptable dogs and cats on their website, and can also make a donation. Giving of your time is also appreciated greatly by the charity, so here’s some information about becoming a volunteer. We can’t say enough, about how much we love HSTB!

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