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Halloween Safety for Kids, and Candy for the Troops

Not only is October a month for trick-or-treating, but its National Orthodontic Health Month. Dr. Randy Feldman, Chief Smile Officer wishes you a safe and happy Halloween and has some resources for you, AND is once again collecting candy for the troops!

Image of a candy pumpkin and candy ghost.
Bring in your Halloween Candy to our offices between November 2 and 12, and we will make sure that it goes to someone in the armed forces who can use a smile from home. For those of you in our rewards program, earn 5 reward points for every pound of candy (up to 5 pounds of candy). You can also earn 5 reward points for writing a letter to the troops – how great is that?
Dr. Feldman states, “one of the best dental tips for Halloween is to not keep candy around for too long after the holiday. Of course our candy for the troops program serves dual purpose.”
Here are some other tips and links for your dental health. Those with traditional braces should avoid sticky or hard treats. Better choices are soft chocolates, peanut butter cups, gelatin treats, ice cream, apple cider, pieces of fruit, pumpkin seeds, and related. Our Invisalign patients can enjoy any treats, but like all of us should brush soon afterward.
The American Dental Association has some links to more healthy Halloween dental tips, and also some fun games, activity sheets, pumpkin carving stencils, coloring sheets and more. A FREE great resource before and after the holiday.
We think these Halloween safety tips for parents and motorists from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is a pretty good read. More safety = more fun for the kids and a happy night for parents. Be sure to share some costume pics on our Facebook. We’d like to see one of those carved jack-o-lanterns too, so get creative and keep smiling.

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