Dr. Feldman receives Silver Award for Board Service

Dr. Randy Feldman was surprised and honored to receive the “Silver Award” during the 2nd Annual “Celebrating MORE HEALTH” fundraising breakfast on October 1, 2014. Dr. Feldman has been on the board of this non-profit organization for 18 years, and board chair for 12. He is also a founding sponsor of MORE HEALTH, who is now celebrating 25 years.
Since 1989, MORE HEALTH, Inc. has been working to improve the health of children, teens, and adults through interactive health and safety lessons. We all know that healthy kids learn better! The skills learned through the MORE HEALTH lessons provide the tools needed to live a healthy lifestyle. By offering 25 different health lessons, MORE HEALTH continues to be on the forefront of ensuring the future of a healthy Tampa Bay by creating health literate and health practicing students, parents, and staff. Our highly trained instructors have taught over 3 million students in schools throughout the Tampa Bay area, one classroom at a time.
MORE HEALTH continues to make a significant impact within our community. Reaching 213,000 children and teens during the 2013-14 school year in three counties was a significant accomplishment! Lesson topics such as nutrition, dental, heart, brain, firearm safety, poison prevention, distracted driving, teen pregnancy prevention, and skin cancer prevention empower kids and parents with the knowledge to make healthy and safe decisions. We need your support to help us reach MORE children, teens, and adults this coming year, so visit https://www.morehealthinc.org for more information.=”https:>
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