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Educating millennials via social media

A recent article in Forbes magazine answers the question, “Does Social Media Influence Millennials’ Healthcare Decisions?” and it turns out, we at Blue Wave Orthodontics were “spot on” with our assumptions on this topic. According to the piece, “over 75% of Americans use social media to research their symptoms. Also, 90% of people aged 18 to 24 stated they trust medical info shared on their social feeds.”

Millennials see social media as a trustworthy source for medical information, and we do our best to share timely and accurate information on dental health and orthodontic issues via our blogs and posts. Please check this out on our new website coming soon (May 14)!


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Another fact that we found interesting, was that as many as 42% of people check social media reviews before choosing a provider or making other healthcare decisions. Good thing our happy patients are always saying great things about us! We feel more fortunate and blessed to have provided amazing care and outstanding results over the last 65 years! Dr. Feldman; 35 years this June 2017. Dr. McDowell 30 years this past January 2017!

We’re also happy to say we are doing two things that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) are recommending of healthcare providers. 1) Offering useful content where consumers are. 2) Facilitating real time conversation. We love getting questions and discussion on our Facebook and other social channels about dental health and our specialty, orthodontics.
Social media is a great tool for gaining insights, but be cautious about the source of all facts, and always seek the advice of a professional vs self-diagnosing any medical issues. We’re available basically 24/7 to discuss your orthodontic and dental questions, so ask away.
Blue Wave is “here for you!”

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