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Clearly Confident With Invisalign Teen

The Invisalign Teen system, utilizing progressive sets of customized clear aligners is the “CLEAR” alternative to traditional braces for many teens and their families. The result of treatment, like traditional braces, is a perfected bite and a beautiful smile! However, the process is one that not only maintains teen confidence, but may also increase it.

Dr. Randy Feldman, Dr. Ernest McDowell, and Dr. Chelsea Brockway, and their team at Blue Wave Orthodontics designs each set of clear aligners from digital scans of the teeth and the bite with state-of-the art 3D scanning technology. This creates a comfortable fit with the nearly invisible process.


An orthodontic assistant showing a pair of Invisalign to the patient.

The aligners must be worn for most of the day and night during treatment, but are removable for eating, brushing, and flossing. They are also removable for school photos or other important moments. After time they become not only nearly invisible to others, but also unnoticeable to the wearer.


Playing confidence-building sports or participating in cheerleading is a non-issue with Invisalign Teen. There is no danger of being injured from the sharp wires or brackets of traditional braces. Teens love being able to continue with their teams and physical activities without hindrance.


Invisalign Teen treatment averages from 12-16 months and typically requires fewer orthodontic appointments. There’s no waiting for the big day when braces are removed to reveal your smile. Your smile is always present. Improvements with each aligner tray reveal a more perfect smile, thus building confidence and encouraging the teen to keep going.
All of our Blue Wave orthodontists are certified Invisalign providers AND Teen providers! Additionally, our Blue Wave Ortho practice is the ONLY Invisalign Premier Provider SUPER ELITE designate in the Tampa Bay Area. In fact, we are also very PROUD have a “Top 1% in the world” designation as well. Dr. Feldman started with Invisalign in 1999 and has treated almost 3,000 patients, while Dr. McDowell is close behind with over 2,000 patients!!


Give your teen the gift of self-confidence and good oral health! It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime!

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