Choose the Right Ortho Treatment for You (Clear Braces vs Metal Braces)

Orthodontic treatment is a big and exciting step! One over 9 million people in the US take every year. The biggest decision you’ll make after finding the best orthodontist is the type of braces treatment that’s best for you or your child! In creating a healthier oral environment for your smile to shine bright, the decision is usually between metal braces vs clear braces!

Here’s a few facts to consider when comparing metal braces vs clear braces!

 Traditional Metal Braces Vs Invisalign

Traditional braces consist of metal brackets glued to your teeth and connected together by wires and rubber bands. The orthodontic wire or archwire threaded through each bracket works through the use of its size, strength, and metal properties to shift your teeth into healthy alignment—at the experienced hands of your orthodontist of course! 

If you’re comfortable rocking the bold beauty of traditional metal braces, we won’t stop you! Our orthodontists want you to feel comfortable and confident during your life-changing transformation, that’s why we offer a few different types of braces. What are some of the best parts of choosing metal braces over Invisalign? Let’s go over them!

Pros for metal braces 

  • No aligners to keep track of. You won’t ever have to worry about losing your orthodontic device because metal braces can only be removed by your orthodontist! 
  • There are no aligners to take in and out. With Invisalign, you’d have to remove your trays anytime you eat or drink (unless it’s water). And rinse your aligners before you can pop them back in. With metal braces, you just simply avoid foods that are sticky, crunchy, hardy, or particularly sugary.
  • You can change your rubber band colors at every visit! Our orthodontic team keeps a rainbow variety of colors in our Tampa Bay and East Bradenton offices for all our braces patients! We make sure to stock up during the holiday season so you can enjoy “dressing up” for your favorite day or just to showcase your unique personality!
  • You’re less responsible for the results. Invisalign requires you to be compliant with your clear braces wear. The average amount of time you’d have to wear your aligners is 20 to 22 hours.

Clear Ceramic Braces Vs Metal Braces

Although not as popular as metal braces or Invisalign clear aligners, ceramic braces are a clear braces option too! The difference between ceramic braces and metal braces comes down to preference! If you prefer a less noticeable form of braces than traditional braces, ceramic braces may be right for you. If you want to add some fun to your smile with colored rubber bands, traditional braces may be better suited for you.

Pros for ceramic braces

  • Less noticeable compared to metal braces. Ceramic brackets blend in with your natural tooth color to create a discreet look for your orthodontic treatment!
  • Durable. At Blue Wave Orthodontics, our ceramic braces are crafted from high-quality ceramic materials to ensure a comfortable, safe, and efficient treatment for you!
  • Stain-resistant. No need to worry about discoloration or yellowing braces brackets with the ceramic brackets our orthodontists use! We’re proud to use top-quality ceramic braces manufactured by American Orthodontics that are specially formulated to resist stains or discoloration.  

Invisalign vs Metal Braces

The Invisalign system consists of a series of clear aligners that are each worn for 1 to 2 weeks. Each tray is custom-made for every step of your smile journey using your digital dental impressions from our iTero Element scanner and your orthodontist’s expertise! Our Invisalign process allows us to help guide your teeth into their ideal position—giving you straighter teeth, an improved bite, and your dream smile!

Pros of Invisalign 

  • Invisalign is virtually undetectable. Your friends, family, or co-workers won’t be able to tell you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment unless you tell them! And you get to avoid the temporary lisp that comes with traditional braces.
  • Invisalign is a great choice for active lifestyles. If you’re an athlete, you don’t have to worry about painful orthodontic accidents with Invisalign!
  • Invisalign is comfortable. Invisalign aligners are smooth and less abrasive on your cheeks and tongue than metal braces. Plus after each tray change there is less discomfort as your mouth quickly adjusts to your aligners. With metal braces, you can experience soreness after braces placement and after each braces adjustment appointment. 
  • No food restrictions. Before eating or drinking (anything other than water), you’ll simply remove your Invisalign trays. Sticky or hard foods are no problem as you have no wires or brackets to worry about. 
  • Fewer office visits. With metal braces, you have to visit our offices every 6 weeks for an adjustment appointment. But with Invisalign, appointments are  every 12 weeks to ensure your treatment stays on track! 
  • No orthodontic emergency visits. There’s no need for an extra visit for a poking wire or loose bracket because you have none with Invisalign!
  • Invisalign is easy to care for. Just simply brush your teeth and gums after every meal, floss your teeth once a day, and clean your Invisalign trays daily! 
  • Shorter treatment times. On average, Invisalign treatment is 14 months compared to the average of 24 months of traditional braces treatment. You can spend less time in orthodontic treatment and more time enjoying your new and improved quality of life!  

Choose the Right Ortho Treatment For You at Blue Wave!

If you’re still unsure on what’s the best braces option for you or your child, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! We love to hear from you.

At your first visit, our experienced orthodontists will craft a custom treatment and payment plan 100% for you or your child! Because every smile is unique, we will always recommend the best braces options that will meet your smile needs and allow you to look good. Because we believe when you look good. You’ll do good. And you’ll feel good.

If you’re looking for clear braces or metal braces, come meet our amazing team in North Tampa, South Tampa, East Bradenton or Wesley Chapel! Request a complimentary exam for you or your child today. 

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