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How Precision Aligner Buttons Can Better Your Bite

Although rubber bands are most often associated with braces, these tiny appliances can be used with Invisalign® treatment. In the past, our orthodontists would attach elastics to slits in Invisalign aligners. But rubber bands would often pop loose or cause the aligner to bow outward, creating a poking piece of plastic.

Our very own orthodontist, Dr. Chris Cetta, saw the need to improve not just on the comfort, but the effectiveness in these Invisalign cases. Partnering with Dr. Richard Kaye, they invented a custom orthodontic appliance that works with your Invisalign aligners to successfully treat more moderate to complex orthodontic issues, such as underbite and overbite!

Let’s dive into how traditional Invisalign hooks work and how the precision aligner button has innovated the use of Invisalign hooks!


How do Invisalign hooks and elastics work?

Although Invisalign aligners straighten teeth, elastic rubber bands are often necessary to correct the bite. Invisalign elastics are connected to your top teeth and your bottom teeth. One elastic will be stretched from a hook on your top teeth to a hook on your bottom teeth.

In the past, orthodontists used adapted parts from braces and adhered them directly to the teeth. However, these metal buttons and brackets were not intended to be used with aligners in that fashion and they often broke loose or irritated your cheeks and gums. Which resulted in more emergency orthodontist visits and discomfort in your smile journey.

But the Precision Aligner Button has completely innovated the appearance and effectiveness of Invisalign hooks! Now once rubber bands are attached to these aligner buttons, they create resistance between the top teeth and the bottom teeth. By wearing them consistently, the pressure can align jaw bones to treat overbites, underbites, open bites or cross bites.


The Story Behind Precision Aligner Buttons

“I have always been a creative person and one of my favorite shows is ABC’s Shark Tank,” said Dr. Cetta. “One day I asked, why aren’t the buttons we use shaped to fit within Invisalign’s semi-circle cutouts like a puzzle piece? While this was obvious to me, no one had previously considered it. Taking advantage of the additional surface area within the cutout window would lead to a stronger adherence to the tooth. Also, the button could be customized to make it more comfortable for patients and easier to attach elastics.”

Thus, Dr. Cetta and Dr. Kaye, patented their innovative design and licensed the product for manufacture and sale. Precision Aligner Buttons® by DynaFlex are now used by orthodontists worldwide to correct various orthodontic issues such as an overbite, underbite, crossbite or open bites. Their Precision Aligner Buttons® have even been featured in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Orthodontics as well as profiled in Inc. Magazine on “How to License a Design Patent”.

Watch below to get all the facts on this innovative button!

Better Your Bite with Blue Wave!

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