Have Faster Orthodontic Results with AcceleDent® Aura

In this blog, I thought I should highlight one of the more recent orthodontic devices that can help you to get the smile of your dreams in half the time! Conventional braces alone can take anywhere from a year and a half to four years to properly align and straighten your teeth. Now with the new technology of the AcceleDent Aura, a take home orthodontic device that resembles a mouth guard, the orthodontic community is “shaking things up”! The AcceleDent Aura device is worn by patients for twenty minutes a day during their traditional braces or Invisalign, and gently vibrates teeth into alignment over time. The subtle micro-pulsations stimulate blood flow to the gums and speeds up the bone remodeling process.To learn more about the benefits, watch the following video  and visit our AcceleDent® Aura pageBe sure to inquire during your next visit with Dr. Feldman or give us a call today.Feldman Orthodontics 1773 W Fletcher Ave. Tampa 33612 Florida Tel: (813) 968-2483 or 3739 W Neptune St. Tampa 33629 Florida Tel: (813) 254-8005.To learn more about Randy M. Feldman, DDS, MS and Feldman Orthodontics and the orthodontic treatment available for children, teens, and adults using braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen, please visit: http://YourBite.com or call (813) 968-2483.

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