Point Towards the Heavens

July 25, 2013

Quote #21 "I have a tickle in my brain and it keeps making the corners of my mouth point towards the heavens"

Sometimes when we feel very happy we can’t help but express a big toothy grin, it feels as though our entire body is filled with butterflies. These butterflies can even make their way up into our brain and feel just like a tickle of happiness. As we feel happy thoughts or even look back on happy memories we can sort of tickle or trick our brains into making us smile and remain positive throughout the day.

If you are having a tough day for a particularly stressful moment, sometimes it can help to daydream just a little bit to give yourself that fun and happy tickle in your brain that will allow you to uncontrollably smile.

Sharing fun memories and moments with others is another great way to share that tickle dissipating any feelings of stress, unhappiness or even boredom. It's excellent to try and swap stories and to feel as many happy memories as you can each and every day. 

This could be partially why many people turn to meditation or introspection. Spending some time to recall fond memories once in a while is important to keeping those corners of your mouth constantly pointed towards the heavens and feeling that great tickle in your head that helps to keep any bad thoughts away.

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