Let's smile even when no one's around

July 10, 2013

Quote #20 "If you smile when no one else is around, you must really mean it!"

So many times we smile simply to appease others and to connect with others, but smiling alone is important as well. Spending time with yourself and really enjoying time with yourself is something that people need to do in order to relax and de-stress. While it is nice to share a great smile with other people, feeling happy smiling all by yourself is highly recommended.

Think on some of your favorite memories, watch your favorite TV show or movie or even just do a hobby that you love that really makes you smile. Spending time smiling helps us to feel great all day and a smile that you start in your alone time can very well carry through into time that you are with others.

When you have had a great day, you can’t help but smile and feel happy all day long. When you are smiling not for other people but just for yourself, that is when you really feel true happiness. 

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Let's smile even when no one's around