Jasilyn Sitzmann - A Truly Remarkable Patient

Jasilyn Sitzmann is truly a remarkable patient of Blue Wave Orthodontics. She is so full of energy and a joy to see at each of her visits. Thank you Jasilyn for sharing your story with us, which follows and is in her own words. Jasilyn as you will see is also a compelling and talented writer.

HI! My name is Jasilyn Sitzmann. I am a 6th grader at Tinker K-8. Some of my hobbies are cheerleading, basketball, and reading. My favorite book series is the Divergent series. I love working with children and I get to work in the Puggles room during AWANA every week.

I was born with a severe bilateral cleft lip and palate. I believe that God made me the way I am and I love to share my story with anyone who asks. I have had 13 surgeries and I still have a while to go before all my surgeries are completed.

I just had my story published on Cleftline.org recently which is a website that supports families of children born with clefts.

Ever since I was 5 I have wanted to be a NICU nurse. In my room I have one of my dolls hooked up to needles and breathing tubes and any medical/NICU thing you can think of. (It scares my mom a little).

I think if someone asked me what my biggest fear was I would say having a surgery that will change the way I look on the outside. I love the way I look; in my own way I think I am beautiful. I have had to deal with teasing in the past, being called fat nose, and other names but I have always said that it has made me stronger. It has given me a reason to share my story.

When I am old enough my goal is to be a missionary and help people around the world. One of the groups I want to go with is SMILE TRAIN. They are a group of doctors and nurses that fly around the world operating on cleft children that otherwise would not receive the surgeries they need. For now, I'm able to help kids with clefts overseas get the surgeries they need by donating to Cleft Palate Foundation (Cleftline.org). I was recently able to help a little boy from Afghanistan to get his cleft surgery. My cleft is beautiful and I love to share my story with anyone who will listen.

This is the web page with my story on Cleftline.

Dr. Feldman, Chief Smile Officer, has clinical expertise in all aspects of orthodontic treatment for infants, children, adolescents, and adults with facial clefts, craniofacial diagnoses, and those with complex medical and special needs. Visit or website to learn more about cleft palates. Dr. Feldman encourages you to read more of the stories at Cleftline.org and consider a donation to Cleft Palate Foundation in honor of our remarkable patient Jasilyn.