Finding Difficulty Connecting With People ?

August 02, 2013

Quote #22 "Smile have you ever noticed how easily puppies make human friends? Yet all they do is wag their tails and fall over"

People simply seem to find new puppies absolutely irresistible. Puppies don’t need to prove anything to anyone they are simply cute all on their own. Something as simple as a puppy wagging its tail and falling down is enough to make somebody absolutely swoon over it.

If you are finding difficulty connecting with people yourself and you sort of envy the power that new puppies might have over people when it comes to making connections, consider putting on a smile. A smile is just like dog wagging tail, it implies instant acceptance and shows just how happy you are. Just as a dog might wag its tail to greet its master or to show its approval of a new stranger, you can put on a smile and do the exact same thing.

By meeting people in passing with a big smile on your face is just like you are greeting them as a dog wagging its tail. You can become far more approachable and much more accepted. When you walk around with a frown this is just the same as a dog baring its teeth at a new stranger or slinking its tail between its legs. This dog might not seem approachable or might seem very sad.

By getting rid of this type of appearance or your frown and replacing it with a smile you instantly become approachable and easy to connect with. A smile can be an excellent tool in connecting with people and you never know if you start to wear your smile more out in public you can become just as irresistible as one of those new puppies.

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