Electric Toothbrushes – Choose Your Weapon Against Tooth Decay

Your toothbrush is your major defensive weapon against tooth decay and decalcification. If you’ve thought about purchasing an electric toothbrush but are overwhelmed by all the choices, read on.

First let’s answer a good orthodontic question. Can you even use an electric toothbrush on braces? Answer: Yes you can! Electric toothbrushes are fine for traditional braces and of course Invisalign (clear and removable braces).

The spaces between teeth, braces and wires are areas that must be maintained to avoid gum disease, periodontitis, and decalcification. As you may have heard, it is recommended that you brush two to three times a day, and for at least two minutes each time. For more advice on the proper care of teeth, visit our Bicuspid Blog.

A 2014 study by Cochrane offers the conclusion that powered toothbrushes reduce plaque and gingivitis more than manual toothbrushing in the short and long term.

So back to those many choices. Reviews.com has a great article on the best electric toothbrush. The author spent several weeks evaluating 70 electric toothbrushes and narrowed it down to a top 7.

Six essential features that the author considered were. 1) Two-minute timer, 2) Comfortable grip, 3) Long-lasting battery life, 4) Small toothbrush head, 5) Compatible with multiple toothbrush heads, and 6) Warranty. The article also includes discussion of 8 bonus features and extra considerations for children.

Do your homework, but most importantly don’t wait for the perfect toothbrush before you work on that perfect smile.

Dr. Randy Feldman, Chief Smile Officer, reminds you “it’s the act of brushing and not the toothbrush that truly protects your smile.” Don’t let that toothbrush, electric or otherwise sit unused. It’s easier to maintain a smile than to rebuild one.

Feel free to ask Dr. Feldman about the proper care of your teeth during your next visit or give us a call today.