Dr. Brockway Joins Forces with Girlfriends of Pinellas

Dr. Brockway recently became involved in an amazing cause called Girlfriends of Pinellas County! Girlfriends of Pinellas County is a program designed to empower young ladies in Pinellas County through academic support and mentorship. Mentors, community leaders, teachers and school administrators work closely with students to foster a supportive relationship through reinforcement in behavior, academic achievement and social growth.

An important aspect of Girlfriends Club is learning about different careers and educational backgrounds, which is where Dr. Brockway comes in. She gave a presentation to 5th graders at Ponce de Leon elementary in Clearwater about her life, how she became an orthodontist, and what obstacles she faced to reaching her goals.

She encouraged the students to stay positive, build good habits and stick to them, and to not compare themselves to others- but instead focus on their own journey. Dr. Brockway explained to the girls that it's hard work which will lead to success, and that it's okay not to be perfect as long as they try their best and stay focused.

Click here to learn more about Girlfriends of Pinellas County and how you can get involved.

"Stay on your own track, and don't worry about what other people are doing. Trust yourself and surround yourself with positive people with good morals who are going to lift you up."