A smile is free to have

July 02, 2013

Quote #19 “What is worth a million dollars but doesn't cost a dime? A smile!”

So many people in today’s society value material possessions and material wealth. What is very funny is that all of this material wealth and possession can never actually bring us the same amount of joy as we might feel receiving a smile from another person or sharing a smile among people. Just as $1 million may bring a good number of smiles to a person’s face the smile itself is something that you can give away for free simply by experiencing a fun moment or by thinking back on a happy memory.

Very important not to place so much emphasis in material possessions and to spend time doing what you love and what makes you smile. A confident and resounding smile is a great thing to share with other people and you can be emotionally wealthy by sharing your happiness with the world. Remember to smile and share happiness with people that you might see in passing and you can share the amazing gift of your smile with others whose days need brightening. As much as $1 million could do a lot of good in creating social change, sharing this much money is simply out of reach for most people. If you cannot afford to be charitable financially consider being charitable with your emotions by regularly sharing a smile and sharing happiness with other people that you see every day. Whether it is your friends, family members or coworkers sharing a smile is a great way to give somebody a charitable gift that costs you absolutely nothing at all.

A great smile really is a long term investment in so many facets of life, yet can often be neglected. Contact us today for a free orthodontic consultation.

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