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7 Reasons Teens love Invisalign

As we enter 2017, a time of new beginnings and new possibilities, we’re taking a moment to tell or remind you just some of the reasons why teens love or prefer Invisalign Teen. Invisalign Teen is the clear alternative to traditional braces! Unlike traditional wired braces, Invisalign Teen aligners are clear, comfortable, and removable.



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Clear Appearance

Invisalign aligners are clear and virtually undetectable. This allows teens to straighten their teeth without anyone ever noticing that they are going through treatment.
You must remove your aligners to eat, drink, and brush and can remove them for that special occasion, meaning that, unlike some other orthodontic treatments, there are no foods you have to avoid and you can maintain your current dental hygiene regimen. For the best results and a timely outcome, aligners should be worn for 20 to 22 hours per day.
Eat Anything
Teen trays must be removed prior to eating, and for your lucky teen (and you possibly as meal maker) this means no dining restrictions. Those with traditional braces must refrain from eating sticky foods, hard rolls, hard fruit, corn on the cob, popcorn and so much more, but with Invisalign those restrictions are not an issue.
Active Lifestyle
Teens who are already engaging in sports or physical activity don’t need to change their lifestyle or worry about brackets and wires doing damage. The Invisalign Teen trays are a smooth fit, and let them play their best.
Dental Hygiene
The Invisalign trays are removed in order to brush and floss, and that makes good oral hygiene easier and quicker to achieve. Your teen will also need to clean the trays, but that also makes them feel more comfortable and fresh.
Invisalign is made of a smooth, comfortable material. There are no wires to poke or brackets to break with Invisalign so it is much more comfortable for you to wear and live with.
Fewer Orthodontic Visits
With Invisalign Teen there is generally less time in our office than with other treatments. Appointments are needed about every 10-12 weeks with the average treatment time with Invisalign being about 10-14 months.
There’s so much more to say such as Invisalign is more precise than traditional braces, there’s no impressions or dental goo necessary, your teen’s plan is custom, efficient, and they know exactly when the results will be complete. We’ll be happy to go over the details with you when you are ready to know more.
All of our Blue Wave orthodontists are certified Invisalign providers AND Teen providers! Additionally, our Blue Wave Ortho practice is the ONLY Invisalign Premier Provider SUPER ELITE designate in the Tampa Bay Area. In fact, we are also very PROUD have a “Top 1% in the world” designation as well. Dr. Feldman started with Invisalign in 1999 and has treated almost 3,000 patients, while Dr. McDowell is close behind with over 2,000 patients!!
Share this blog with your teen, to see if this gets them to feel more comfortable about correcting their bite and smile. Request a free Invisalign Teen consultation with Dr. Feldman, Dr. McDowell, or Dr. Brockway by filling out our online form or calling our office at (813) 968-2483 to schedule your FREE Invisalign Teen consultation!

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